Correctional healthcare is one of the fastest growing specialties in the U.S. as the role of the correctional nurse continues to evolve. Primary care services are provided to inmates in a managed care environment. Acute and skilled health services are provided at inpatient units located at the prison complexes in Florence, Tucson and Perryville.

Nursing staff are responsible for the delivery of health service to inmates, along with ensuring that inmates have access to quality health care. Nursing services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at seven of the ADC prison complexes.

Providing nursing care in a correctional setting offers an interesting career alternative to traditional nursing roles. Many correctional nurses are attracted to this specialty by the autonomy and independence it offers. Correctional nurses use a wide array of skills to perform nursing duties including clinical competency, critical thinking and effective communication. In the provision of care, nurses must be non-biased in their approach and demonstrate compassion and integrity when working with this challenging population.   


ADC offers several nursing staff positions including:

  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Registered Nurse - RN
  • Nursing Assistant

For more Information Contact:
Kay Wingate,  Nursing Program Manager
(602) 364-2900

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