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2012 Phoenix VA Veterans Day Parade




November 27, 2012


The 2012 Phoenix VA Veterans Day Parade was on Monday, November 12 and the Arizona Department of Correction's float "Never Forget" had staff from around the state riding on it. Wearing the uniforms of the branch of service that they have served were CO II Christopher Brockway from ASPC-Douglas, CO II Richard Ramirez from ASPC-Eyman, CO II Raymond Navarro from ASPC-Florence, Lt. Raymond Trujillo from ASPC-Lewis, Sgt. Jay Darby and CO II Chad Perron from ASPC-Perryville, CO II Brent Begay and CO II Matthew Calteux from ASPC-Phoenix, CO II Teva Stanton from ASPC-Safford, CO II Michael Clingerman from ASPC-Tucson, CO II Truman Charley from ASPC-Winslow and CO II Neary from ASPC-Yuma.

The ADC Honor Guard Van towed the float and members of the ADC Honor Guard led the float along the parade route. Also walking behind the float were members of the Arizona State Credit Union, which generously donated the funds to build the float.

The float has two depictions of iconic symbols that honor our American military men and women. The front of the float is a scaled rendition of the Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Solider, complete with a tomb sentinel. At the back of the float is a replica of the Sentinel of Freedom, which is a flying eagle landing on a branch coming out of a tower.

There are two renditions of the Purple Heart Medal around the float, as well as miniaturized versions of other Veteran's Memorials, such as the planting of the flag on Iwo Jima and the Fallen Soldier Memorial. The sides of the float resemble rolled up portions of the United States Constitution.

The float was constructed at ASPC-Lewis/Barchey unit by inmates enrolled in the Rio Salado Construction Class.