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Governor Brewer Honors Arizona Correctional Officers




May 9, 2013


Arizona correctional officers representing all ten state prison complexes traveled to the State Capitol to be on hand today as Governor Janice K. Brewer proclaimed the week of May 5-11 to be "Correctional Officers Week." The week is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of correctional professionals in communities across the state.

"Arizona's correctional officers exhibit exceptional skill and ability in difficult and dangerous situations daily," said ADC Director Charles L. Ryan. "Their service, though largely unseen by the general public, is critical to the success and safety of our state's correctional facilities and communities."

On May 5, 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first ever National Correctional Officers Week. Since then, the first week in May has been marked by celebrations to recognize the vital public service of correctional personnel.

The correctional officers attending this year's ceremony included Rene Algara with ASPC-Douglas; Maria Bridge with ASPC-Eyman; Linda Shy with ASPC-Florence-Globe; Wallace Davis with ASPC-Lewis; Gina Mims with ASPC-Perryville; Mathew W. Calteux with ASPC-Phoenix; Jonathan Curley with ASPC-Safford; Curtis Pearson with ASPC-Tucson; Donna Nez with ASPC-Winslow and Imelda Cordova with ASPC-Yuma.