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Public Records

  1. What is a Public Record?

    Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute, A.R.S. 39-12139-121.01, and 39-121.03 specific and identifiable public records are to be made available to the public for inspection and copying.


  2. What is a Public Record Request?

    A valid public record request is for a specific and identifiable public document.  The document is identified so a staff person of the agency is able to locate responsive documents.  Identification includes any combination of the following information:  name of document, subject matter, date, location, persons involved, specific incident, etc.


    Note:  Requests for information that does not currently exist or which may require the production of creating new reports may not be accommodated.

  3. What is the Department policy related to Public Records Requests?
  4. What is the cost?

    Charges for Public Records be viewed at: Standard Charge List.

  5. How do I make a Public Records Request?

    Email request 

    Fax request to (602) 542-2859

    Mail request to:

    Arizona Department of Corrections

         Media Relations - Public Records Requests 

                            1601 West Jefferson Street

                       Phoenix, AZ  85007


If you have any questions regarding the public disclosure process, please contact the Department Public Records Unit at:


Phone:  (602) 542-3133

     Mail:     Arizona Department of Corrections

  Media Relations - Public Records Requests 

                  1601 West Jefferson Street

                Phoenix, AZ  85007


*   If you are seeking Public Records information regarding offenders:

     Contact Public Access

*   If you are seeking information and are a family member/friend of an offender:

     Contact Constituent Services, Inmate Family and Friends

*   If you are seeking legal information regarding offenders or the Department:

    Contact Legal Services

*   All others Public Records Requests continue as indicated above.


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