Rodney Hardy was sentenced to death for the 2005 murder of Tiffany Lien and Don Stanciel. Hardy and Lien lived together for more than 2 years during their relationship. Rodney was the owner of a limousine service and a regular at the strip club where Lien worked. According to police records, Hardy physically abused Lien on August 26, 2005. Lien decided to leave and party with a stripper girlfriend and Stanciel. Hardy called Lien several times asking her to come back home, and on one of those calls Stanciel took the phone from Lien and told Hardy she was with him now. In the early hours of August 28, Hardy drove to the apartment complex where Lien's friend lived and when the friend came out to buy something at the vending machine, Hardy grabbed her and forced her to take him to her apartment. Hardy kicked in the bedroom door and found Lien and Stanciel sleeping and shot them both to death. Two days later, Hardy turned himself in to Tempe Police.

Presiding Judge: Hon. Michael W. Kemp
Prosecutor: Jason Kalish
Defense Counsel: Victoria E. Washington & Kirk Nurmi
Start of Trial: June 22, 2009
Verdict: July 16, 2009
Sentencing: August 20, 2009

Aggravating Circumstances
Multiple homicides
Prior conviction of a serious offense


[Direct Appeal pending before the Arizona Supreme Court]