On the evening of September 18, 1980, Laura Webster, a University of Arizona student, was at the Green Dolphin Bar in Tucson with friends. She met Clabourne and Larry Langston at the bar and left with them. Clabourne and Langston then took Webster to the house of a friend of Langston. Ms. Webster was repeatedly raped and sodomized, then strangled and stabbed in the heart three times. Her body was dumped in an arroyo, where it was found the next morning. Langston pled guilty to murder and received a life sentence.

Presiding Judge: Richard N. Roylston (trial & original sentencing)
Roberto C. Montiel (resentencing)
Prosecutors: Geoffrey Cheadle, Jr. and Lynn Gallagher (trial & original sentencing)
Kenneth Peasley and Joseph Maziarz (resentencing)
Start of Trial: November 16, 1982
Verdict: November 23, 1982
Sentencing: January 24, 1983
Resentencing: August 14, 1997

Aggravating Circumstances
Especially heinous/cruel/depraved

Mitigating Circumstances
Passive personality, impulsive, and easily manipulated
Economic cost to the State as compared to a life sentence

State v. Clabourne, 142 Ariz. 335, 690 P.2d 54 (1984).
Clabourne v. Lewis, 64 F.3d 1373 (9th Cit. 1995).

October 31, 2003 - A Stay of Execution has been issued in the December 10, 2003 scheduled execution of for ADC inmate Scott CLABOURNE  #046561

October 29, 2003 - Warrant of Execution has been issued for ADC inmate Scott CLABOURNE  #046561 for December 10, 2003.  Inmate  CLABOURNE has not exhausted his appeals process.