On June 13, 1991, the victim's husband returned home and found the victim's body in their bedroom. The victim's shoes, pants, and underwear had been removed. A lamp cord was still tied around her neck, and her throat had been cut. The room showed signs of a struggle and an autopsy revealed numerous abrasions and bruises on the victim's body. The autopsy also revealed sperm in the victim's vagina and on her thigh. Walden's fingerprints matched those found at the victim's residence, and those found during the investigation of two other sexual assaults. Both surviving sexual assault victims positively identified Walden as their attacker, as did a witness who observed Walden outside the victim's apartment.

Presiding Judge: Hon. James Carruth
Prosecutor: Rick Unklesbay and Sandra Hansen
Defense Counsel: Donald Klein and Lori Lefferts
Start of Trial: July 9, 1992
Verdict: July 31, 1992
Sentencing: December 9, 1992

Aggravating Circumstances
Prior convictions punishable by life imprisonment
Prior conviction for a crime of violence
Especially heinous, cruel or depraved

State v. Walden, 183 Ariz. 595, 905 P.2d 974 (1995).