On the evening of September 10, 1991, Bryan and Laura Bernstein stopped at a rest area off of Interstate 8 outside of Yuma. Dickens (26 years of age) and his 16-year-old accomplice, Travis Amaral, had been waiting near the rest area for "appropriate victims" to rob. Dickens told Amaral to "leave no witnesses." When they saw the Bernsteins get out of their car, Amaral walked across the interstate hiding along his side a handgun Dickens had previously stolen, and approached the Bernsteins. Amaral pointed the gun at Bryan and told him to give Amaral his wallet. After Bryan gave Amaral the wallet, Amaral marched the Bernsteins past their car and toward the desert, where he put the muzzle to the back of Laura's head and fired. About 30 seconds later he shot Bryan in the back of the head. Several minutes later, a deputy sheriff pulled into the rest area and found the Bernsteins. Bryan was still alive and was able to identify himself and tell the deputy what happened, although the deputy had to hold him down because he was "moaning, thrashing, and rolling around" in pain. Both Laura and Bryan died from the gunshot wounds.

Presiding Judge: Tom C. Cole
Prosecutor: Conrad Mallek and James Coil
Start of Trial: January 26, 1993
Verdict: February 23, 1993
Sentencing: December 16, 1993

Aggravating Circumstances
Pecuniary Gain (Both)
Especially Cruel (Bryan)
Multiple Homicides (Both)  

Mitigating Circumstances
Troubled childhood
Family "somewhat dysfunctional"
Loving and caring mother
Now supportive family
Some sympathy or remorse for the victims and their families
Felony murder instruction

State v. Dickens, 187 Ariz. 1, 926 P.2d 468 (1996).

April 29, 2001
A Stay of Execution has been issued by the US District Court in the execution of Gregory Scott DICKENS ADC#102305 scheduled for May 31, 2001.  

April 27, 2001
A Warrant of Execution has been issued by the Arizona Supreme Court for the execution of Gregory Scott DICKENS ADC#102305 on May 31, 2001.  Inmate Dickens has not exhausted his appeals process