On February 28, 1995, the victim left a church concert at about 9:15 p.m. The victim encountered Greene and an altercation ensued, and Greene beat the 140-lb victim to death with a club or stick. Later that evening, Greene drove to a friend's house in the victim's car, and obtained a rug and clean pair of shoes and pants, saying he needed clean clothes because his had blood and mud on them. Appellant used the rug to cover the car seat, which had blood on it. On March 1, Greene began making purchases with the victim's credit cards, using a gauze bandage on his hand to disguise his signature. Later that evening, Greene told his ex-girlfriend he had killed someone by beating him with a stick and that he had to get rid of the car. Greene showed another friend "proof of his kill." Appellant drove the victim's car into the desert, and his ex-girlfriend followed in another car. A ranger stopped both vehicles, but Greene fled. On March 3 when Greene was arrested, officers found property Greene had purchased with the victim's credit card. The victim's body was found on March 4 in a wash west of Tucson Mountain Park. Before trial, Greene wrote a letter bragging about kicking in the victim's skull. Before sentencing, he wrote another letter boasting about being on death row.

Presiding Judge: Bernardo Velasco
Prosecutor: Rick Unklesbay
Start of Trial: March 5, 1996
Verdict: March 15, 1996
Sentencing: August 26, 1996

Aggravating Circumstances
Pecuniary gain  
Especially heinous and depraved (struck on appeal)

Mitigating Circumstances
Drug use (non-statutory)
Lack of a felony criminal record (non-statutory)

State v. Greene, CR-96-0502-AP, 1998 WL 727570 (Oct. 20, 1998).

December 05, 2003
A Warrant of Execution has been issued by the Arizona Supreme Court for the execution of BEAU J. GREENE ADC#123048 on January 14, 2004.  
Inmate Greene has not exhausted his appeals process

December 08, 2003
A Stay of Execution has been issued by the Arizona Supreme Court in the January 14, 2004 scheduled execution of BEAU J. GREENE ADC#123048.